The Most Inspiring Van Life Conversions In The UK – Our Favourite Campers

In recent years, the concept of “van life” has ignited the imagination of many members of the VanPimps community. A life filled with adventure, simplicity, and profound self-discovery is very attractive given the evergrowing complexities of modern life. The allure of residing within a compact, mobile home on wheels is magnetic, and for excellent reasons.

If you’re after inspiration for your own conversion, you’re in the right place! Indulge yourself in our top camper conversions here.


1 @our_van_norman

An all-singing, all-dancing Peugeot Boxer. Adorned with rugged exterior upgrades, that add an adventurous touch. The interior is equipped with a luxury, compact and practical setup that provides a relaxing environment to live in.

2 @roofracks_rucksacks

An ex-British Gas VW Caddy fleet vehicle! Now converted into the perfect micro camper! Although living out of a van this size may be challenging, it can still be done thanks to the countless draws, compartments and roof top features that capitalise on the limited space!


This high roof Transit owned by @dick.van.hike is perfectly equipped for Van-Life! Featuring All-Terrain tyres, VanPimps Opening and Universal Windows all round and a TentBox Roof Tent for that extra sleeping space – this van really can do it all. Check out his Instagram page to see the awesome progress he’s making on the interior, it’s undoubtedly one of the best conversion projects we’ve seen recently!

It’s important to remember that van life is more than just a trend; it’s a lifestyle, this is why making a van that’s best suited to your needs is paramount! We hope these incredible vans have served as a pallet of inspiration for your own build.

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