The New Ford Transit Custom – First Details

In the ever-evolving world of automotive innovation, Ford has once again stepped up to the plate, revealing the brand new ‘Ford Transit Custom’.


A new partnership between Ford and Volkswagen has been setup, meaning that the Ford Transit Custom is twinned with the new VW T7.

Ford Transit Custom
Volkswagen T7

Ford Transit Custom - What We Know So Far

Infotainment/interior – This new model features a whopping new 13-inch touchscreen including Android Auto and Apple CarPlay.

Office on wheels – The steering wheel can be tilted away from the driver to create a laptop stand with a small bracket included to keep your laptop or tablet in place. It can also be rotated further to create a flat table surface for you to eat or even write on.

Ford Transit Custom Interior

The new Ford Transit Custom is available with diesel, plug-in hybrid and fully electric powertrains. The diesel engine will be available in three different power options: 110hp, 136hp, 150hp and 170hp.

The plug-in hybrid option will blend electric and diesel power for greater efficiency.

The new Transit Custom’s zero-emissions electric powertrain will be available in 134hp and 215hp power options.

Ford Transit Custom Rear

Overall, this is an exciting and controversial time for the industry with two of the biggest vehicle manufacturers teaming up to make the ultimate commercial vehicle. Keep posted on our socials and website for further details about the brand new Ford Transit Custom.