Our Top 4 Forgotten Van Conversion Accessories

When converting your Van into a Dream Camper, some accessories can often be overlooked. In this Blog Post, we have compiled our Top 4 Forgotten Van Conversion Accessories for you to discover, all available right here at VanPimps!


Fitting New Door Seals to your van is an often overlooked step but essential to maintaining the integrity of your van. No matter what model of van you own, the seals around the doors can become damaged and brittle overtime, rendering them useless! That’s where our replacement door seals come in. They tend to be forgotten and are placed at the bottom of your to-do list but in fact, they should be at the top!


Roof Vents can take your Camper Van conversion to the next level! They provide additional ventilation, extra light and always keep the air fresh. Luckily for you, we stock the Maxxair MaxxFan Deluxe! 

This is the only complete motorhome/campervan ventilation system that incorporates a vent, fan and rain protection in a single unit. Built exclusively with an integrated rain cover, the Maxxfan can be left open when its raining so there is no need to close! Having a remote control also means you can easily operate it from anywhere in the vehicle. In other words, it has every feature you could want on a roof fan!

Maxxair Maxxfan Deluxe Roof Ventilation System


Our Insulation Tape is the perfect accessory for those of you who are looking to finish the job properly. This will thermally insulate and soundproof any small holes or seams on the inside of your van! You will be left with a superb professional finish to any van conversion, making your experience a breeze!

Van Conversion Sound/Heat Insulation Tape


Our Universal Conversion Windows are a super useful product, they are the highest quality on the market & are a stunning upgrade to any camper thanks to the huge benefits they bring!

You can fit this Window to absolutely any flat panel on any van such as the sides, rear quarters & more! Our Windows are 82% factory tinted, providing maximum privacy in your van without compromising the view from inside. They also come with a 1 year guarantee!

Opening (800mm x 270mm)
Fixed (500mm x 400mm)

Our Universal Windows are available either Opening or Fixed, with two different sizes to choose from!