Can I Change My Order Once I've Placed It?

Once an order has been placed, it typically enters a processing stage where various steps are taken to fulfil the request. These steps may include inventory allocation, payment processing, and shipping arrangements. Due to the complexity and speed of these processes, unfortunately, orders generally cannot be changed once they’ve been confirmed.

How Long Will Cyber Week Deals Be Running?

🎉 Key Dates and Times:

📅 Start Date: November 27th 🕘 Start Time: 9:00 AM

📅 End Date: December 3rd 🕛 End Time: Midnight

Will The Deals Be Live All Week?

The majority of our Black Friday deals will run all week! However, some of our exclusive deals won’t be available for the entire time. Due to high demand and limited stock levels, certain offers will run on a first-come, first-served basis.

🛒 Tips for a Successful Black Friday Shopping:

  1. 🕘 Set Alarms: Be ready to shop as soon as the deals go live.
  2. 🛍️ Check Daily: New offers may be added, and some may expire, so check our website daily for the latest updates.
  3. 🚀 Popular Items: If there’s a particular item you have your eye on, don’t hesitate to grab it when the deal is live.
Are All Of The Deals Live?

All of our Black Friday deals will go live on Monday 20th at 9:00am.

Is Your Reception Open?

Our reception is temporarily closed during Black Friday & Cyber Week due to this being an extremely busy time for us.

Why Can't I Click & Collect?

Our Click & Collect service is temporarily turned off during Black Friday & Cyber Week as our warehouse staff work their hardest to get all parcels out the doors on time!

If I've Placed More Than One Order, Can I Combine Shipping Charges?

We appreciate your dedication to Vee Dub, especially during this busy Black Friday week. Unfortunately, shipping charges cannot be combined.

📦 Why Shipping Charges Cannot Be Combined:

  1. Order Processing: Each order is processed individually to ensure accuracy and efficiency. Combining shipping for multiple orders can complicate this process and potentially lead to errors.
  2. System Automation: Our shipping system is automated to streamline the shipping process. Combining shipping for multiple orders may not align with our automated systems.
  3. Fairness to All Customers: Treating each order separately helps ensure fairness to all customers, as individual orders are processed in the order they are received.
Will Delivery Times Be The Same As Usual?

Due to the high volume of orders anticipated during this period, our estimated delivery time will be extended from the usual 2 working days to 2 – 4 working days.

🚚 Revised Delivery Schedule:

📅 Effective Period: Black Friday Week

🕒 Standard Delivery Estimate: 2 – 4 Working Days (Previously 2 Working Days)

🌐 Why the Adjustment?

  1. Increased Order Volume: Black Friday is one of our busiest times of the year, and this adjustment allows us to manage and fulfil a higher volume of orders efficiently.
  2. Ensuring Quality Service: We want to maintain the quality and accuracy of our deliveries, and the extended timeframe helps us achieve this while meeting the increased demand.
  3. Courier Considerations: Our delivery partners are also experiencing high demand during this period, and the extended delivery time allows for smoother coordination.

📢 What You Can Expect:

  1. Transparency: We believe in transparency and want to ensure you are aware of any changes in our service.
  2. Order Planning: If your purchase is time-sensitive, we recommend planning accordingly and placing your order in advance.
  3. Customer Support: Our customer support team is ready to assist you with any questions or concerns you may have about your order and delivery.
Only Part Of My Order Has Arrived, Why?

Orders from our store may be dispatched using several different couriers due to the size and nature of the goods. This means that different parts of your order may arrive at different times.

📦 Key Information:

  1. Multiple Couriers: To expedite the shipping process, we work with various reliable couriers based on factors such as destination, package size, and delivery speed.
  2. Delivery Times: While we strive to coordinate deliveries, it’s possible for different parts of your order to arrive on separate days due to the nature of our multi-courier approach.

🌐 Why Multiple Couriers?

  1. Efficiency: Utilising multiple couriers helps us ensure that your order is processed and dispatched as quickly as possible.
  2. Reliability: Using a variety of couriers enables us to cater for a wide range of parcel sizes. Having tailored couriers means less damages and delays!

📢 What You Can Do:

  1. Check Tracking: Keep an eye on your order’s tracking information, which will specify the courier and expected delivery dates for each part of your shipment.
  2. Contact Support: If you have any concerns about the status of your order or its delivery, our customer support team is here to assist you.
Can I Get A Refund For My Shipping?

We understand the importance of timely deliveries and the frustration that may arise from delays. We want to clarify our policy regarding delivery refunds: Unfortunately, we are unable to refund delivery charges in the event of delays, as this is beyond our control and lies with the courier service.

🚚 Why We Can’t Refund Delayed Deliveries:

  1. Third-Party Involvement: Once your package is handed over to the courier, the delivery process is managed by a third party. Delays may occur due to unforeseen circumstances or issues on the courier’s end.
  2. Varied Circumstances: Delivery delays can result from factors such as weather conditions, logistical challenges, or unforeseen events, which are external to our operations.
  3. Limited Control: While we do our best to choose reliable courier partners, we have limited control over their operational challenges and external factors that may impact delivery times.

🔍 What You Can Do:

  1. Tracking Information: Keep a close eye on the tracking information provided for your order. This will offer insights into the delivery progress and any potential delays.
  2. Contact Courier: If you experience delays, consider reaching out directly to the courier service handling your delivery for more detailed information.
  3. Customer Support: While we can’t refund delivery charges for delays, our customer support team is here to assist you with any other concerns or issues you may have.