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Auto Finesse Plush Wash Mitt


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Auto Finesse Plush Wash Mitt

Featuring an ultra-deep, smooth-glide microfibre weave, the Auto Finesse Plush Wash Mitt is the ultimate wash mitt for pampered vans, projects and any other vehicle that deserves to be caressed lovingly during the contact wash stage.

  • Developed to be unsurpassed in paintwork protection and anti-marring capabilities.
  • The Plush Wash Mitt is constructed from a range of fluffy microfibre strands in a variety of lengths.
  • This wash mitt glide lifts and locks away grime without the risk of contaminants being dragged across the surface.
  • Specifically designed to soak up the maximum amount of Lather Shampoo solution as possible.
  • The internal finger compartments allow for increased control, and a premium elasticated cuff embroidered with the classic Auto Finesse logo.
  • This product is machine washable at a low temperature.
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