Auto Finesse Plush Wheel Mitt


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Auto Finesse Plush Wheel Mitt

Designed to give you access to every part of your wheel – including the most typical hard-to-reach areas such as behind spokes and other awkward recessed dirt traps – the Auto Finesse Plush Wheel Mitt is constructed from a range of fluffy microfibre strands which vary in length and glide freely over painted, polished and powdercoated wheels without the risk of contamination being dragged across these relatively sensitive surfaces

  • The Auto Finesse Plush Wheel Mitt has been developed by professional detailers as the ultimate wheel-washing accessory.
  • Manufactured from fluffy microfibre strands.
  • The best way to prevent scratching, swirling and marring during the wash stage.
  • Safe to use on wheel types.
  • This dedicated wheel mitt incorporates internal finger compartments for maximum grip, along with a wide, cuff-less opening for easy access, even when wearing protective gloves.
  • Best paired with the Auto Finesse wheel cleaner Imperial.
  • Total Size: H 10.00mm x W 120.00mm x D 150.00mm.

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