Auto Finesse Rubber Scrubber


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Auto Finesse Rubber Scrubber

Perfectly sculpted for tackling the task of heavy soil removal and deep-cleaning tyre sidewalls, this wet work essential features a specially developed curved head, ergonomic handle and super-stiff synthetic bristles capable of scrubbing away the hardiest contaminants on your van.

  • With its extreme dirt-shifting ability, the Rubber Scrubber has been designed as the ultimate tyre brush for use during the wheel wash stages.
  • The perfect partner for our Imperial Wheel Cleaner, this handy cleansing tool has been specifically engineered to remove any surface salt and mud, along with ingrained grit and grime, even between awkward manufacturer markings and corner block treads.
  • This makes the Rubber Scrubber the secret to keeping your tyres looking fresh – and fully preparing surfaces for your favourite Satin Tyre Creme – during every single detail.
  • Manufactured from durable ABS materials & 25mm stiff synthetic bristles.
  • Designed with a 70mm x 60mm contoured scrubbing head.
  • Dimensions: 150mm x 60mm.

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