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Auto Finesse Snow Foam Lance



Why is the Karcher K2 not compatible?
The reason our Snow Foam Lance’s aren’t compatible with the Karcher K2 Model is that the flow rate of a Karcher K2 isn’t enough to create the thick foam desired. Our Lances require a minimum flow rate of 400 litres per hour and the K2 model has a maximum flow rate of around 360 litres per hour. Although the Karcher K adaptor we offer will fit most Karcher Models, the main reason it isn’t compatible with our lance is because of the flow rate.
Why is my pressure washer not listed on the fitment selection?
Although your branded machine is not listed, this doesn’t mean a fitment is not available for your pressure washer. Pop an email over to our customer support team and they will be able to point you in the right direction –

Please be aware a pressure washer is needed for this product to operate. Choose your fitment from the list below & if your pressure washer is not listed, get in touch to see what we can do for you.


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Auto Finesse Snow Foam Lance

The Auto Finesse Snow Foam Lance is a key tool for the pre-wash process & works hand in hand with the Auto Finesse Avalanche Bubblegum Snow Foam! This Snow Foam Lance creates a thick clinging foam, helping to dissolve and get rid of any dirt and grime once rinsed down.

  • Creates a thick clinging foam layer fully covering your van.
  • The handy injector offers adjustability to the flow of foam by simply turning the top-mounted dial to get your preferred thickness.
  • This product goes hand in hand with our Auto Finesse Avalanche Bubblegum Snow Foam& for an extra bite into that road grime add a touch of Dynamite Trafic Film Remover.
  • Dissolves and rids your van of any dirt allowing a lot of the cleaning work to be done without having physical contact with the van.
  • This Snow Foam Lance is quick, fun & safe for your van’s exterior!
  • Suitable for Karcher K Series & Nilfisk pressure washers.
  • The adapter is included by choosing your preference in the dropdown.
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Karcher K Series, Nilfisk

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