PRO™ 15mm Van Acoustic Wave Foam


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PRO™ 15mm Van Acoustic Wave Foam

The PRO™ 15mm Van Acoustic Wave Foam is a premium memory foam manufactured specifically for automotive interiors. Designed to dissipate and absorb noise with ease and is a simple cut, peel and stick fitment thanks to the strong
self-adhesive backing.

  • This product has been designed to absorb unwanted medium to high-frequency noise and improve the acoustics in your vehicle.
  • Our PRO™ 15mm Van Acoustic Wave Foam offers excellent thermal insulation properties.
  • The super soft and malleable memory foam materials allow for the sheets to stick in between interior panels.
  • Designed with half-open and partially closed cells, which contain high-quality sound-absorbing and noise-insulating materials.
  • Manufactured with a helpful shape memory effect, which allows the foam to restore back to its shape after heavy compression.
  • The profiling of this product significantly contains higher sound absorption compared to standard materials with a flat surface.
  • Perfect for reducing creaks, squeaks and resonances of plastic panels and vehicle upholstery, acting as soft shock-absorbing pads between two surfaces.
  • Soundproofing your vehicle protects against moisture absorption from the air, mould and the ageing of the underlying materials.
  • This memory material can also be used for soundproofing industrial devices such as machines and areas within the premises.
  • Massively improves vehicle acoustics for any future speaker upgrades.
  • Super simple cut, peel and stick application on the interior of any vehicle.
  • Finished in stealth black.
  • Ideal for use on the vehicle’s roof and door cards.
  • Designed in the UK, manufactured in Europe.

Key Data

  • Sheet Thickness: 10 Sheets (15mm thick).
  • Individual sheet size: 35cm x 50cm (1.75 SQM coverage).
  • Individual roll size: 50cm x 2m (1 SQM coverage).
  • Operating temperature range: -40°C to +100°C.
  • Flammability tested for vehicle interiors ISO 3795:1989.
  • Sheet pack weight: 10 Sheets – 1.5kg.
  • Roll pack weight: 0.8kg.



2m x 50cm (ROLL), 50cm x 35cm (SHEETS)

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