The VanPimps Loyalty Club

We have now launched our ‘VanPimps Loyalty Club‘ to reward our customers by giving you points to spend on future purchases (a bit like a Boots Card but we think our points are far more generous!).

We are giving 2 points for every £1 spent and you can then redeem points on your future purchases at a rate of £1 discount for every 100 points.

So, for example, if you spend £500 on our website you would receive 1500 points which would give you £15 worth of savings on a future order.

You can save up your points for one big purchase or use them every time you buy from us, it’s up to you.  We will keep track of your points and when you get to checkout we will tell you how many you have and you can choose if you want to redeem some (or all) of them.  You can even check your points tally in your account page here (you need to be logged in to view this page).

You will see throughout our online shop how many points you can earn on an item, see an example below:

And you can also see the points you will earn on your purchase on the cart page:

And on your payment summary before you hit the ‘proceed to checkout’ button it will show you the value of points redeemed.

And if you need to check your points you can do at any time by clicking the “MY ACCOUNT” link at the top of our website:

And it will show you your points history and what you have to spend like below:

*Note – VanPimps points are only awarded with online purchases not phone orders, they have no monetary value and can only be redeemed on future orders.  We cannot add points over the phone or redeem points over the phone sorry!

Got any questions, give us a call on 0116 441 7550!