Whether you are converting your van into a day van or doing a complete campervan conversion you need to make sure you get the right windows for your van and most importantly, the best windows for your van!

There are many stockists of van conversion windows in the UK and some stock European windows, some stock windows imported from China, some even manufacture their own in the UK but from our experience we recommend always fitting European (or UK) manufactured windows to your van if you are after the best finish, they tend to fit the shape and curve of your van best, they are consistent and on the whole, they are just a better quality product. Sometimes they can be more expensive but you do get what you pay for.

OEM or Aftermarket?

Some people when buying windows for their van go directly to the original manufacturers as they think they will get the best quality, this is not normally the case.

Some of the time the aftermarket window companies make windows for the original vehicle manufacturers and in our experience a lot of the good quality aftermarket windows are actually better quality than the OEM versions, oh and expect to save 50% or more when buying aftermarket rather than OEM!!!

What Else To Look Out For?

When buying windows for your van conversion please make sure that:

You get nicely tinted windows so people can see out but not see in too easily so they are nice and private.

Here at Vanpimps all of our van windows are 82% privacy tint so they are nice and dark from the outside as they only let in 18% of light.  Beware of some windows that are 70% dark tint as these let in nearly twice as much light (30%) and are therefore easier to see through.

Make sure the windows are ‘factory’ tinted and the tint isn’t put on as a ‘film’ which can easily come off or be scratched leaving a clear window, factory tinted windows are darkened with a dye at the factory so the darkness is in the glass and will never fade or damage.

Here at Vanpimps all of our van conversion windows are factory tinted so the tint can’t peel or be scratched off.

Ensure the van conversion windows are the ‘bonded’ type that just bond flush to the side of your van. Some companies sell caravan style windows which need a rubber trim around the window and although some people prefer this look the bonded type are by far the most popular now as these sit nice and flush against your van.

Here at Vanpimps all of our van conversion windows are designed to be easily bonded to the side of your van and designed to fit the curvature of your side panels.

Make sure the windows have a darkened edge around the glass (see image to the right). This means that the metal edge where you cut out the hole for your window won’t be visible, it will be hidden behind the black band.

Here at Vanpimps all of our van conversion windows have a darkened edge designed to hide the metal edge of your van when the hole is cut out.

Buy the right windows from a van conversion company who carries lots of stock, has lots of knowledge and gives you the best prices in the UK, GUARANTEED!

Surprise Surprise yes in our 7000 sq ft warehouse there is over £250,000 worth of van conversion windows that can be ordered for next day delivery and we GUARANTEE that you can’t buy the same quality windows cheaper, we check our competitors prices every week to ensure we are the cheapest but if you do find the same product cheaper we will refund the difference, it’s as simple as that!

Are Aftermarket Windows Safe?

As long as you buy Tempered ‘E’ marked windows they are fully safe, they are designed to shatter into lots of small pieces if broken just like a windscreen, always make sure you buy Tempered windows.

All our windows we sell at Vanpimps are made from ‘tempered glass’ with the E17 safety mark.

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